The Importance of an Oil Change

You might not think something as simple as an oil change would determine the performance of your vehicle, but it is vital to the health of your car. At Bergey's Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Souderton, PA we don’t just want to keep your vehicle in the best condition, but we want you to know why these types of services are important because it will help you see when there is an issue in your vehicle.

What Does Motor Oil Do?

On the most basic level, motor oil keeps your engine lubricated. By staying lubricated, your engine will generate less heat thanks to the oil easily allowing everything to move smoothly without metal-on-metal contact. Over time the quality of your oil degrades and causes the oil to break down, which is why you need oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Signs You Might Need an Oil Change

  • Your oil looks dark and dirty
  • You notice louder engine noises or a knocking sound
  • There is smoke coming out of your exhaust
  • You can smell oil inside your vehicle
  • You have a light that tells you when to get a change

Learn More When You Visit Our Dealership

If you are left with any questions about the function of motor oil, our team is always glad to answer them. Getting oil changes at the recommended intervals will extend the life of your vehicle and give you the best performance, which is why we encourage you to visit our dealership whenever you notice any of the signs that you will need an oil change near Philadelphia. We will happily take care of any services that your vehicle could need!

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